Franzis FOCUS projects pro 4.42.02821

С FOCUS projects professional вы можете использовать серию экспозиции для создания изображения с фантастической глубиной, и где даже самый маленький объект находится в четком фокусе по всей длине (фронт-бэк-фокус). Чем меньше сфотографированный объект и меньшее расстояние, тем более узкая область фокуса. Особенно с полноразмерной камерой это поле фокуса может составить меньше чем миллиметр. Решение проблемы: сфотографируйте объект с помощью нескольких разнообразных фокальных плоскостей, и FOCUS projects professional легко соберет фотографии вместе - все с предельной скоростью и точностью.
FOCUS Projects Pro создает единое изображение c эффектом глубины резкости из множества слоев, где объект имеет четкий фокус как на переднем, так и на заднем планах.

Слои резкости для профессиональных фотографий с эффектом глубокого фокуса;
Захватывающие фото с эффектами макросъемки, наилучшей детализацией и резкостью;
Расширения пределов физического качества;
Полноценные возможности редактирования изображения для превосходного результата.

Expert Software For Sharp Macro And Product Photos
Exorbitantly sharp product photos – this image was assembled with FOCUS projects professional from an exposure of 12 shots. Sharp from front-to-back!
With FOCUS projects professional, you can use an exposure series to create an image with fantastic depth and where even the smallest object is in crisp focus from front-to-back. The smaller the object being photographed and the lesser the distance, the narrower the area of focus is. Particularly with full-frame cameras, this field of focus can amount to less than a millimetre. The solution: FOCUS projectsprofessional!
Focus Stacking – The Technique
Focus Stacking – Macro shots that are continuously sharp from front-to-back – that is the goal of every macro photographer. The smaller the object being photographed and the lesser the distance, the narrower the area of focus becomes. With full-frame cameras, this field of focus can amount to less than a millimetre. The solution to the problem: photograph the object using multiple focal planes and FOCUS projects professional will seamlessly assemble the photos together – all with the utmost speed and precision.
How FOCUS projects professional Works
Take a sharpness series of your subject. Macro objects and normal focal length are especially good for this. For full format cameras, it is custom to use blending between eight and eleven. Five or more shots with different focus layers are ideal to achieve continuous sharpness. FOCUS projects 3 professional assembles the images together and establishes a perfect, complete picture with sharpness from front-to-back. Give it a try!
Nature macro photography
Product photography
Architectural and interior photography
Still life
Microscope photography
Optimal for product shots for online stores and auctions
Hot stuff!
There is no objective in the world that captures everything completely crisply, no matter how expensive it is. Some photographers have already spent a fortune trying. I simply use FOCUS projects to collect the sharpness information from multiple images. And the nice thing about it is, that at every time it was sharp somewhere! Whoever has experience in the professional or semi-professional photography field knows how tedious and demanding this work can be, and definitely wishes that they had discovered the goldmine that is FOCUS projects professional years ago.

новое в 4 версии
New: Stacking engine with internal 64-bit processing
Your advantage: Perfect integration in your personal workflow
New: Stacks up to 500 focal planes
New: Additional presets for the fastest results in exceptional quality
New: Extra expert filter set
New: RAW development module
New: SCA processing for the finest colour details
New: Hue module
New: Scratch and sensor error correction
New: Automatic brilliance optimizations
New: Selective image retouching

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista, 32/64 bit,
Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 2 GB HDD,
Screen Resolution, 1280 x 1024 Pixels,
Graphic Card: DirectX-9+-compatible, 128 MB, 32 bit colour depth
Активация: Cracked x86/64

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