FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.10.0 + Русификатор

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FonePaw Screen Recorder - профессиональная программа для видеозаписи и захвата экрана в Windows, включая Windows 10, 8, 7 или XP. Вы можете легко записывать действия на экране и видео с веб-камерой в формате HD, делать снимок для рабочего стола и добавлять к нему аннотацию, одновременно записывать аудио с микрофона и звуков системы.

Только в простых шагах вы получите свой экран: выберите регион для записи; отрегулируйте громкость; начните запись с кнопки REC; или вы можете добавить к нему аннотацию; прекратите запись, как хотите. Записанные видео могут быть сохранены в разных форматах видео в настройках вывода. Рекомендуется MP4. И вы можете установить качество видео / звука по своему усмотрению. Кроме того, он также работает как GIF Maker для создания фотографий .gif. Эта лучшая программа для записи на экране облегчит вашу жизнь, чтобы сделать видеоурок, представить продукты пользователям и многое другое.

Capture videos of your desktop, include a webcam feed in your clip and record audio from your system or a connected microphone, with this handy application
There are plenty of reasons why you may need to record anything that is happening on your screen, either because you are recording tutorials, gameplay videos, or for general work purposes
That is where a reliable software tool like FonePaw Screen Recorder can come in handy, as it boasts both a simple UI and all the tools needed to be useful.

Record your sessions in both fullscreen and windowed mode
As you first open the app, you'll realize which are the main functions of the app, namely video screen recording, screenshot capturing, webcam and audio recording.
The recording area can be resized at will, allowing you to capture both the entire screen or just the area of interest.
As expected from this type of program, it can be doubled as a means to perform efficient game session recording, since you can record everything that's happening on the screen.
Simultaneously, you can also record yourself through the webcam in a tiny corner of the screen, as it is currently popular on game streaming services such as Twitch.

Recording settings for better management
If you aren't interested in sharing everything with your viewers, you can set the program to ignore the desktop icons you currently have, saving you the hassle of hiding or deleting them.
In the case of the aforementioned gaming sessions, the mouse cursor can be a problem, so the program gives you the option of hiding that as well.

Fast and efficient recording
If you want to keep your recording sessions quick and efficient, and you're also quick with your fingers, you'll be glad to find out most of the program's basic commands can be bound to certain hotkeys.
As for file format, videos can be saved in a wide variety of formats, from MP4 to GIFs, photos can be saved in several popular formats like PNG and BMP, while audio recordings can be saved in formats such as MP3 or WMA.
If performance or disk space is an issue, you can change the default quality of all of the above-mentioned recording types, varying from "Lowest" to "Lossless"

An overall good screen recorder
While FonePaw Screen Recorder does indeed do its job and boasts a simple UI, it is a bit too similar to other apps that do the exact same thing.
This doesn't mean that this program is a weaker choice than all the others, but it definitely isn't any better either.

Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 x86/64
Язык:Ml/ENG + Русификатор

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