Spryka Desktop Budget Professional v2.1.0.58

Spryka Desktop Budget Professional v2.1.0.58

Desktop Budget активно взаимодействует с Интернетом, загружая и обновляя курсы валют, ситуации на фондовых рынках, новинки в мире бизнеса, различные справочники и многое другое. Пользователь имеет возможность вести различные базы данных и таблицы, использовать встроенные финансовые калькуляторы, просматривать обработанную информацию в удобном виде (графики, диаграммы). Desktop Budget поддерживает импорт данных из популярных офисных форматов.

Spryka Desktop Budget is a Microsoft Windows based personal finance software that is designed to deliver the financial management features. It can be used as a personal finance manager as well as for financial management of a small business.

Define payers, payees, accounts, banks, and currencies for different accounts using Desktop Budget. The financial management application can maintain multiple databases for different purposes. Tracking financial investment portfolios is made easier with Desktop Budget. Customized Report generation is one of the most effective features offered by Desktop Budget as it gives a visual representation of all account statuses.

Start managing your finances with Desktop Budget and conquer your financial goals!

Managing Financial Investment Portfolio

Desktop Budget maintains investment records for quick and easy access at any time. Enter investment names with stock code and number of shares owned in each investment within the financial application. Last trade price of shares, total amount for each investment and the profit/loss for each transaction are generated automatically by Desktop Budget. Last trade price of stocks will be downloaded from the internet if a working Internet connection is available. If not, this value may be entered manually.

Plan and Manage a Financial Budget

Desktop Budget can define customized budget categories and record transactions (income & expenses) against them. Create a budget (monthly, or annual budget), and define how much would be allocated for each category of activity beforehand to stick with those when spending.

Personal Finance Reporting

Desktop Budget offers the capability to generate customized, visual reports. Apart from that, there are five default reports such as Cash Flow, Transactions, Spending by category, Spending by payee, and Budget by category.

Download Financial Exchange Rates

Desktop Budget can automatically download currency exchange rates with a working Internet connection. It downloads currency exchange rates from either Oanda Forex or Yahoo Finance. Frequently used foreign currencies can be marked as favorites and only those exchange rates are downloaded.

Import and Export Financial Transactions

Desktop Budget supports the following formats for importing financial information; RegNow, eSellerate, QIF, QFX, QBO, CSV. The formats that can be exported to are; QIF, QFX, and CSV. This maintains compatibility with other finance management tools and online bank formats.

Personal Finance Calculators

Desktop Budget offers calculators for calculating loans, savings, and mortgages. Each of these financial calculators offers a tabular representation which shows a table with future payments depending on the calculator; balance for each period and totals for every type of payments. Apart from that, there will be a graphical representation showing three types of graphs for easy analysis. It can also be used as a personal debt manager.

Homepage - http://www.spryka.com/desktopbudget/

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