Xlight FTP Server 3.5.2

Xlight FTP Server - неплохой FTP-сервер, который оптимизирован под минимальное использование системных ресурсов.

Its main features include:
• Multiple Virtual Servers - It can be setup to run multiple virtual servers in the same machine.
• System Service - It can run as window system Service.
• GUI based Remote Administration - Xlight FTP server can be securely administrated from anywhere.

• Native User Isolation - Each user has separate virtual paths from other users, he can never see other's virtual path. No need to worry about locking user in his home path any more.
• Hierarchy Virtual Paths - Provide virtual paths of public, group for easy management and files sharing. Group virtual path can be seen by all users of group, public virtual path can be seen by all users.
• 128 bits SSL - FTP sessions can be protected by industry security standard. Support SSL client client authentication.
• Store users in the database - User settings and password can be stored in the external database and retrieved through ODBC for easy management.
• Store file transfer logs in the database - File transfer logs can be stored in the external database through ODBC.
• Email Event Notification - Automatically notify events happened in the Xlight FTP Server by email. Such events include file upload, download, delete and disk space low.
• Active Directory - User can use the same password of Windows Domain. Active Directory can use extended schema "xlightFTPdUser" for Xlight FTP Server related user settings.
• Support LDAP - User can use the same password in the LDAP Server. LDAP can use extended schema "xlightFTPdUser" for Xlight FTP Server related user settings.
• Support UPnP - It will be easier to configure Xlight FTP Server behind UPnP aware boardband routers.
• UNC Path Impersonation - FTP server can access remote network shares easily with different impersonation accounts.
• Advanced Configuration Management - Configuration changes will take place in real-time, without restarting the ftp server.
• Advanced Access Control - Provides many methods to control user's access right.
• Advanced Bandwidth Control - Bandwidth can be fine-tuned by different virtual servers, groups and users level or scheduled by time range.
• Auto Block IPs - It can prevent server from hammers or malicious behaviors.
• Deny or Allow IPs - It can deny or allow user's access by his ip address.
• Login Time Control - It can control Login period by each user.
• File Access Control - It can control user only downloading or uploading certain files.
• Detail Server Status - It has detailed bandwidth usage and user connections information, download and upload status.
• Server Log - It has detailed logs for recording users' activities and server errors.
• xferlog Support - Support writing ftp transfer log in UNIX ftp xferlog format.
• Anti Leech Support - Support anti-leech function to prevent unauthoried people from leeching ftp links.
• MODE Z Support - Support real time data coompression during the data transfer.
• UFT-8 Support - Support OPTS UTF8 command to turn on and off UTF-8 encoding.
• IPv6 Support - IPv6 is seamlessly integrated in all server functions.

Changes in version 3.5.2:
* Fixed a bug of Xlight admin console management interface for non-console session of remote desktop.
* Fixed a resource leaking bug for LDAP authentication.
* Fixed a bug of access control list.

О файле:
Активация|рег код: есть
Язык Интерфейса: English
Платформа/ОС: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven
Размер файла: 1,4Mb

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