PassMark MemTest86 Pro v8.1.1000 Retail

PassMark MemTest86 Pro v8.1.1000 Retail

Memtest86 представляет собой высокоэффективный тест для оперативной памяти, который с легкостью позволит определить ошибки работы в тех или иных конфигурациях. За долгие годы существования программа полностью доказала достоверность своих показаний. Может запускаться практически с любого из загрузочных носителей, поддерживает практически любые типы памяти, и соответственно, платформы для них.

Особенности MemTest86:
- Поддерживает 13 различных алгоритмов тестирования оперативной памяти
- Поддерживает DDR4, DDR3 и DDR2 ОЗУ
- Поддерживает XMP - профили памяти высокой производительности
- Поддерживает UEFI - новый графический стандарт для BIOS
- Начиная с версии 5, MemTest86 поддерживает x64
- Поддерживает ECC RAM - коррекция ошибок памяти
- Поддерживает защищенную загрузку
- Имеет графический интерфейс, поддерживает мышь и протоколирование результатов на диске
- Поддерживает иностранные языки (китайский, немецкий и другие)
- Поддерживает самостоятельную загрузку с USB или диска, без необходимости DOS, Linux или Windows
- Network (PXE) boot
- MemTest86 7 поддерживает двойной загрузчик (UEFI / BIOS). На ПК, которые не поддерживают UEFI, будет автоматически загружается - MemTest86 4.3.7

- MemTest86 7 поддерживает двойной загрузчик (UEFI / BIOS). На ПК, которые не поддерживают UEFI, будет автоматически загружается - MemTest86 4.3.7.
- MemTest86 является самостоятельной программой, которая не требует для своей работы наличие установленной операционной системы. Также не имеет значения какая ОС у вас установлена: Windows, Linux, Mac. Однако для создания загрузочного диска, дискеты или USB диск, вы должны использовать Windows, Linux или Mac.

Системные требования:
- UEFI или платформа BIOS
- Windows, Linux или Mac OS
- Компакт-диск или флэш-накопителя USB

Version 8.1 4/Jan/2019


Added version information and total CPU threads to test summary screen
Increased maximum number of CPU threads to 256
Added text colour to error messages during testing
Added Mac Mini 2018 to blacklist which sets the lower address limit to 0x1000 by default
Fixed bug in detection of hyperthreads when the number of CPU threads exceeds the maximum
Fixed incorrect JEDEC manufacture names (Bank 10)
Fixed missing RAM part number / serial number obtained from SMBIOS in HTML report
Fixed incorrect channel/slot number for ECC errors on Skylake-SP chipsets
Fixed bug in specifying the number of test passes for Free version

Version 8.0 7/Dec/2018

New Features
Added ability to save/overwrite current configuration to the mt86.cfg file. This can be done under the 'Settings' screen
Initial support for KingTiger iMS functionality. In the medium term, this will allow bad RAM addresses to be localized and removed from service, possibly fixing memory errors caused by defective RAM sticks
Added language support for Polish
Added new configuration file parameter CONSOLEONLY which forces MemTest86 to run using the console only (ie. no graphics). This allows for systems without graphics support (eg. serial console)
Added new configuration file parameter SAMESPDPARTNO to check whether the part numbers of all detected SPDs match
Added new configuration file parameter EXACTSPDS to specify the number of detected SPD modules to match before allowing the tests to begin. This parameter overrides MINSPDS if set.
Added options to set MINSPDS and EXACTSPDS in the main menu. This can be done by selecting 'View detailed RAM (SPD) info' in the 'System Info' screen
Improved Test 12 test coverage by alternating between temporal/non-temporal store/load intrinsics. This change allow MemTest86 to detect some previously undetectable RAM errors.
Added support for memory error triggering and logging for logic analyzers such as Logic Analyzer Keysight U4164A. Before the test is started, the memory address of the structure where errors are logged is displayed on screen to allow for configuration of the logic analyzer. When memory errors are detected, the pattern 0xDEADBEEF and error details are written to a predefined structure. This triggering/logging mechanism is enabled via configuration file parameter TRIGGERONERR.

Removed MemTest86 v4 (BIOS) from boot images. This means that MemTest86 will no longer be dual boot and UEFI is now mandatory to use new versions of MemTest86. On old machines with traditional BIOS, the separate stand alone V4 release will need to be used. This change was made as many users were confused by the dual boot setup, and accidentally booted the old V4 release on new UEFI systems.
Removed MemTest86 ISO download packages. Users are encouraged to use the USB boot images which allow logs, reports and configuration files to be written to the USB drive. If CD boot is required, please use ISO images from MemTest86 v7 or earlier.
Consolidated download packages for Windows and Linux/Mac into one zip file
Increased size of partitions in the boot images to 256MB
Fixes to allow Memtest86 to be installed permanently in firmware by motherboard vendors
Fixed system hang when disabling cache on CPU threads
Memory ranges less than 1MB are no longer reserved for Bit fade test/Hammer test due to possible memory conflict issues
(Site Edition only) Changed management console report period from 3 min to 1 min. Removed reporting after the completion of every test.
Added periodic resetting of watchdog timer for iPXE workaround
Limited the maximum number of passes in the Free version to 4
Fixed FAIL result in generated HTML report when testing was aborted without any errors.
Added timestamp to the list of errors in the HTML report
Fixed misaligned progress bar when running RAM benchmark test
Updated to UDK2018
Added CPU/SPD/ECC support for Hygon Dhyana chipsets
Updated JEDEC RAM manufacture ID list (JEP106AX)
Added SMBus (SPD) support for Intel Cannon Lake SMBus.
Added SMBus (SPD) support for unknown Intel SMBuses
Added ECC detection support for Intel Atom C3000 chipsets
Added ECC detection and injection support for Intel Coffee Lake chipsets
Added ECC detection and injection support for AMD Ryzen (10h-1fh) chipsets
Fixed ECC detection support for Skylake-SP
Fixed ECC error channel/slot number determination for Skylake-SP
Fixed bug in reporting of ECC capabilities for Ryzen chipsets
Fixed Ryzen CPU temperature readings for 26xx/27xx/29xx
Added workaround for console mode not working for laptops with hi-res screens
Added iMac14,2 to blacklist which set the lower address limit to 0x1000 by default
Added ROG STRIX X370-F GAMING (BIOS version 4012) to the blacklist as first BIOS version that doesn't require blacklisting

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Язык Интерфейса: multilanguage/english
Формат файла: rar
Платформа/ОС: Windows All
Размер : 7.72 Mб

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